We are Offering all types of Cotton Yarn from INDIA.

Cotton Specification With Terms and Conditions:
Commodity Indian Raw Cotton
Cotton Type Shankar 6 cotton, Gujarat Origin
Crop Year 2018-2019 (New Crop)
H.S. Code 5201.00 – Cotton, Not Carded Or Combed
Type Of Machinery Double Roller Ginner (Full Automatic with Pre Cleaning & Post Cleaning Machine with Contamination Controlled Unit. We invite Buyer to visit Gujarat Cotton Ginning)
Cotton Specification :
(As Per HVI Mode)
Staple Length 28.5 to 29.5 mm OR (1-1/8” to 1-5/32” Inches)
Micronaire 3.7 to 4.9 NCL
Strength 28.5+ GPT (88,000 PSI minimum)
Moisture 8.5-9.5% Maximum
Trash 3-3.5% Maximum
Color Grade 11-1 to 31-3 (Super Grade)
Peak Season November to May Month
Supply Capacity 1000 MT/Month
Minimum Order 27 Ton (1 FCL X 40 HQ)
Shipment FOB, CNF, CIF (Inco terms 2010)
Container Size 40 Ft. HQ (27-28 Ton Max. Stuffing Capacity) In One Container 165-170 Bales can stuff.
Gross Weight 170 kg./Bale (+/-) 5kg
Tare Weight Packing Tare Weight is 50 Kg. Standard for Cotton And Plastic Strapping.
Payment Terms

100% L/C at Sight from Prime Bank. We Accept Usance LC with 180 Days Period with LIBOR Interest 2.5-3.5% p.a.

We accept TT terms (30% Advance, 70% Against CAD with in 10 days after shipment date. In case pf delay we can charge Indian Bank Interest of 12% per annum.

Note:  LC Clause as per our bank norms requirement. Buyer have to give us LC Draft before Final LC opening.

Packing Full Pressed Bale Standard Export Packing.
Bale Size Height : 4.5 ft, Length & Width : 2.5 ft (1 ft.=30.48 cms.)

Note:  Buyer should allow Normal Variation in Quality & Weight Shortage up to 50 Kg. Per 100 Bale as Cotton is Natural Fibre.

We Supply Contamination Control Cotton but Indian Cotton is not 100% Contamination Free. We guarantee that in Our Cotton Bales there should not be any extra matters or false packing like Stone, Iron Road, Bricks etc. which create weight Gain.

Standard Terms & Conditions :
  • Contract Acceptance Buyer have to Confirm our Sales Contract by Stamped & Manual Sign within 48 hours after issuance.

    By Singing Contact Buyer and Seller Bound to Fulfill Contract terms Compulsory. In case of Non Shipment Or Contract Cancellation Buyer & Seller can Settle Price According ICE NYBOT Exchange Base Price Settlement ( Contract Day IEC Price & Settlement Day ICE Price Difference) In Case of failure Buyer or Seller will be Listed as Defaulter and Penalized by ICA and CAI Arbitration Body.

  • LC Open Terms LC to be open within 7 working days strictly. If LC delay we can charges additional cost on Buyer.
  • Payment & Document Acceptance Buyer have to strictly Accept Documents and Remit Payment as per Bank Norms within 5 Working Days with Current Value Date for Payment. In case of Discrepancy in Documents We will Provide Change Document copy by mail and Courier immediately by DHL / FedEx. For Normal Discrepant Documents Buyer should not hold payment in their Bank Unnecessary.

    For Late Payment after 7 Days we will charge Indian Bank Interest of 12% P.A. on Buyers Account.

  • Detention 14 Days Detention Allowed at Buyers Detention. In case of Demurrage of Extra Days Requirement Buyer have to inform Us at Time of Booking in Advance. We are not responsible for Any Custom related Problem or Import Duty in Buyers Destination.
  • Destination Charges We will pay all Indian Port Charges in our side but not responsible for Buyers Port local destination Charges. Destination THC and all Local Charges Payable by Buyer in their Country. In case of required Pre Paid Destination Cost by us Buyer have to inform us in Advance at time of Inquiry.

    We normally give CY/CY (Container Yard to Container Yard Freight only) For Other Shipping Terms Buyer have to inform us in Advance.

  • Fumigation / Phyto. Clause  We always do standard Fumigation Treatment by Govt, Approved Agency as per International Standards by Methyl Bromide (CH3BR) If Buyer required any Extra Dosage treatment or Duration as per their Country Clause Requirement Buyer have to inform us in advance at time of Booking.

    For Vietnam We do always Treatment with Minimum 100 GSM/M3 with Duration 72 Hours by Methyl Bromide (CH3BR). In case of Any Problem at Buyers Destination regarding Fumigation or Phyto. Related we will give our maximum support but We are not responsible to take Cargo Back due to this issues.

    Buyer can do Refumigation in their Country If required by their agency and Charges will be Payable by us Incase of Problem occurred.

    Note:  If Buyer want to mention any special terms in Phyto. Certificate or Fumigation Certificate have to mention in LC and inform us at time of Inquiry.

  • Tolerance Allowance +/- 5 % tolerance Allowed in Total Weight and Total Invoice Value.
  • Weight Terms Net Landed Weight Final (NLWF Terms) Accepted. We can appoint Controller to recheck Weight in case of major difference. 50 kg. Weight shortage deduction should be allowed for 100 Bales (1 Lot) by Buyer.
  • Quality Norms Buyer can appoint any controller to Check Quality at Factory or Port at their own expenses. We will provide Gov. Approved Lab HVI report before final Dispatch at Our Cost. In case of major Quality Problem Buyer have to inform Us with in 5 Days after receiving our shipment. We can appoint our controller / agent to recheck quality and third party controller / agent decision will be final by Both Party.
  • Claim Settlement Buyer have to send Debit Note for Quality or Weight Shortage Claim to Us. We will settle it within 15 Days time OR it can be settle in Next Order upon buyer approval. Buyer can open Next LC after Deducting Claim Debit note us.